Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From Picture Frame to Chalkboard

I found this elaborate frame at a thrift shop for $25. I still think it was too much for the frame, especially because it had a weird red velvet background thingy. I used chalkboard paint that I bought at Ace Hardware for $13. Don't waste your money on the chalkboard spray paint. You will end up wasting it and it won't go as far as the regular chalkboard paint will. I put four coats of the chalkboard paint on this and I used glossy white spray paint on the frame.

Kitchen Island

Curb Alert! Someone threw this kitchen island out because it was dirty and one of the legs was uneven (it looked like a dog chewed on the leg). My  husband evened out all the legs by sawing an inch off. I sanded down the top, stained it and painted the legs and shelf with white paint.

Teal End Table

I found this solid wood end table at a garage sale for only $3! Can't beat that!
Before and After:
I sanded down the top of the table, used a dark walnut stain and painted the legs a great turquoise color I picked up at Lowes. I sold the table for $45!

Toy Chest

 Curb alert! This toy chest was in rough shape when I found it. It had a lid but it was so water damaged that it had to be thrown away. Other than that the toy chest was dirty, but that's something little that soap and water easily fixed. My husband made a new top with thick plywood. I used the electric sander to round off the edges so they wouldn't poke anyone. The nice couple that bought it from me are using it for their blankets.

Crab Dresser Makeover

 I've said before and I'll say it again, there is power in paint! Can you believe the difference a little paint and creativity made on this chest of drawers? Of course I found this dresser on the curb. It's old and solid wood.
 I ended up selling this dresser for $75. Not bad considering it was free!

Compass Rose Kitchen Table

This table was in ROUGH shape. The table top was falling apart. I had to use very strong glue and clamps to get the pieces back together.
I sanded the table top down, stained it with a walnut stain, painted the bottom of the table with antique white paint. I used my handy dandy projector to trace the compass rose on the middle of the table.

Before and After: 
What a transformation!