Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coaster Photo Holders

Coaster Photo Holders
Cardboard Coasters
Scrapbook paper
Embellishments (Ribbon, Flowers, Etc)
Mod Podge
2 Clothes Pins
Hot Glue Gun
Black Spray Paint

Step 1: Get 2 square cardboard coasters (you can find them at a restaurant)
Step 2: Take some patterned paper (I used all scrap paper), trace the coaster on the paper. Cut out the paper.
Step 3: Spray Paint one side of the coasters black (this will be the inside of the photo holder)
Step 4: Using Mod Podge paint Mod Podge on the side of the coaster that still has writing on it (Not the spray painted side). Stick the paper on the Mod Podge side. Press the paper down, making sure to get out all creases.
Step 5: Paint a coat of Mod Podge on the Paper. This seals the paper onto the coaster. Do this to both coasters. Wait about 5-10 minutes for the coasters to dry.  

Step 6: Once both coasters are dry start playing around with different embellishments you can use on the photo holder.
I used matching ribbon and a paper flower I made (for directions on how to make the wet crumpled flower go here: http://sundayldesigns.com/how-to-make-wet-crumpled-paper-flowers/ 

Step 7: Hot glue any embellishments onto the coaster. You only need to embellish one side.

Step 8: When you are done embellishing the coaster turn the coasters upside down (Spray painted side facing up).
Step 9: Hot glue the clothes pins onto one coaster. Make sure to press down hard so the glue adheres.

Step 10: Put hot glue on the other side of the clothes pins and press the other coaster onto the glue. Make sure the coasters line up correctly.


These are some others that I've made. They make great gifts and cost practically nothing to make!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Clay Pots

Halloween Clay Pots

Materials: Clay Pots
Button (for nose)
Black, Orange, Green, and White Paint
Mod Podge (Optional)
Time: 20 Minutes
Cost: Under $3 for both pots

Pumpkin Clay Pot:
Step 1: Paint the bottom portion of the clay pot orange. I used a muted orange. The paint dries very quickly on clay pots because the pot is very porous. Paint at least two coats of orange on the pot.
Step 2: While orange paint is completely drying, paint the rim of the pot black. Again, the paint dries very quickly, so you're able to paint the 2nd coat immediately.
Step 3: When the orange paint is completely dry, use a pencil to lightly draw the eyes and mouth on the pumpkin. Don't forget to draw a funny tooth sticking out of the mouth.
Step 4: Using white paint, paint the eyes and the tooth. Then use black paint to trace around the eyes, make the eyeballs, and the mouth.
Step 5: Using a toothbrush dipped in white, black and orange (all seperately) flick the paint on the pot. Make sure you get the entire pot with some paint flickers.
Step 6: Using a hot glue gun, glue a button on the pumpkin pot.
Step 7: Optional: Using Mod Podge, coat the clay pot to seal in all the paint. Use Mod Podge if you plan on keeping your pots outside.

Frankenstein Clay Pot:
Follow all the above directions with the exception of painting the pot green instead of orange. Do not forget to paint a scar on Frankenstein's face.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wooden Halloween Spoons

Wooden Halloween Spoons
Cost: ~$2.00
Time: 15 Minutes

I bought a four pack of wooden spoons from the Dollar Tree.
Paint two white and one any shade of green. 
Paint little noses on the Frankenstein and Mummy. (Don't forget Frankenstein's scar) And paint a little mouth on the ghost. 
Option: Paint on some blush with diluted pink paint. Blend the paint into the white or green.
I used an old paintbrush dipped in black paint to speckle the spoons (Flick the toothbrush towards the spoons)
Hot glue google eyes on the spoons. I used some-what small google eyes.
When the spoons are dry take some medical gauze, unfold a strip of it (gauze usually has around 4 folds/layers). Make the gauze as thin as you would like.
Mummy: Wrap the gauze around the mummy, securing it with hot glue at the base and behind the mummy's head. Make sure you don't cover up the mummy's eyes.
Ghost: Drape a thin layer of gauze over the ghost's head. I secured the gauze with ribbon tied around the upper-middle of the spoon. 
Frankenstein: I found two very small screws in my husband's screw jar. I hot glued them on Frankenstein and it made him look even cooler! 

These are so easy and quick to make. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do!