Monday, October 14, 2013

Octopus Table Makeover

I found this gem at Goodwill for $40. I sanded it down and started painting. This is when all hell broke lose. The original wood stain started bleeding through. 
It was hell! My husband assured me that paint will eventually cover it I had to just keep putting more paint on it. SIX coats of paint later it was still bleeding red. It looked like someone one been killed on my chest of drawers. I finally googled how to fix it. I put a coat of sealant on it and then paint it. It pretty much worked. There were a few places that I had it put another coat of sealant and then another coat of paint. Altogether I had 7-8 coats of paint. I used 1/2 gallon of paint. Ridiculous!!!!! Distressing this beast was a difficult but my handy dandy sander did the job! I used a projector to trace the octopus on the chest. 
I'm in love with this chest! It took me HOURS, a lot of sweat and frustration but it was worth it. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

From TV to Dog Bed

A friend of mine challenged me to make a dog bed out of an old tv. Our inspiration for this project was this:

I got on Craigslist and right away found this tv for $5!!!! Can't beat that!!!

My husband pulled the "guts" out of the tv. We were afraid this would be a challenge because I read other blogs where people said getting the television out was a nightmare. My husband said the tv came out pretty easy. 

There were a few additions we had to make on this piece: it needed a new back and trim around the opening. When we took the tv out, a lot was attached to it. 

After many hours of painting and frustration here is the finished project:

I love that my friend sent me a picture of his dog in the bed:

 Before and After:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dog Olympic Podium

I am currently planning a Dog Olympics and Adopt-a-thon for work. We have a photographer from Walgreens coming to take pictures at the event and print them out for everyone right there. I love photo props, backdrops and costumes. I knew I had to have a three tiered Olympic podium for the dogs to stand on and have their picture taken. After sweet talking my husband into making them we got to work! They turned out GREAT!!!!

Of course i had to test them out with my dogs. I have only 2 dogs so I improvised. 

Orange table makeover

I was asked to paint and distress a table for a friend. He chose the colors to match his house.
From this:
To this:

This is the table before I distressed it and added the painted knobs. I love the distressed look and I think it makes a huge difference in a piece of furniture:
 This is how my friend used it in his house: