Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chest with Missing Drawer Makeover

I found this chest of drawers on the curb and I seriously considered not taking it because it had a missing drawer. But it was solid wood and if nothing else came from the piece I could at least take the knobs off the drawers and use them on something else. 
A friend of mine wants me to help her decorate and furnish her bedroom. She fell in love with this chest, but didn't want to pay $160 for it, plus it wasn't real wood. 
After deciding she didn't care the top drawer was missing we agreed to move forward with trying to make the chest look like the inspiration. 
I painted it a cream color, stained the top with a walnut wood stain and had my husband use a piece of plywood for the shelf. I figure the shelf can either be used to hold a cable box or she can guy some wicker baskets to store socks, underwear, etc in. 
I bought a special stencil to use on the drawers, but the stencil smeared everywhere and it just didn't work. So I ended up using some acrylic stamps I've had for years. 

 Before and After: