Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Wreath

~Valentine's Day Wreath made out of paper towel rolls~

1. Save up two paper towel rolls.
2. Flatten out the tube and then invert one side so you have a heart like shape.
3. Cut the tube into roughly equal parts.
4. Round out the sharp points so you have nice heart shaped pieces.
5. Spray the cut out heart pieces with spray paint of choice.  While the paint is still wet liberally apply glitter.
6. Use hot glue to piece together wreath.
7. Adjust as you glue so that you have a round wreath shape when finished.

This was the original prototype from but I only did one circle of hearts and it was very flimsy and I knew if I did a second circle of hearts it would weigh down the wreath even more and make it sag. So I altered it a bit and came up with this solution:

I tied pieces of red and white ribbon around every two hearts.

The original paper towel Valentine's Day wreath tutorial can be found here:

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