Sunday, September 15, 2013

Boat Oar Makeover

My husband pulled these old boat oars out of the shed to toss into the trash. I quickly rescued them for my next project. I started out using my electric sander to sand off the dirt, mildew and whatever else had made a home on these oars. 
With a little paint, sandpaper, and blue painters tape I turned these old oars into adorable shabby chic coastal decorations.

I love having an assortment of paint colors on hand but I hate paying $12 for a quart of paint. I recently discovered that Lowes can give you a 7.5 oz sample of any paint color for only $3!  It's the perfect amount of paint for small projects like this. 
From left to right: sea sage, tropical oasis, bird song blue, peaceful slumber 

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