Monday, December 9, 2013

Stackable Four Tier Flower Pots

I wanted something pretty and somewhat large for my front porch. I live in Florida therefore our extreme heat has the tendency to kill most plants. I went to Home Depot, bought four sizes of clay pots, potting soil and a hearty plant. I've seen others on Pinterest paint the clay pots but the only pot you end up seeing after a few months of growth is the bottom large pot.
I had some rain Lilly bulbs that I threw in the pots sporadically because they're very hearty and they have lots of babies. 
The tricky part was getting the tierred pots to stay put. I had to dig them into the soil of the pot under them. 
Here's after a few months of growth:

I water it every few days. It basically takes care of itself and when the flowers are blooming it's very pretty!!! 

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