Friday, January 3, 2014

Monogrammed Anchor Sign

I had some old pallet wood lying around so I decided to finally use it. I painted the wood white before I screwed it together. Each piece of wood is approximately 20 inches long (half of a standard pallet board). The font I used for this is Lucida Bright. It's a standard font in Microsoft Word or Publisher. 

I used this free anchor clipart
I opened a new Word document. Copy and paste the anchor on the document. Draw a white square shape and place it in the middle of the anchor.  I used three text boxes for the letters. The middle letter is a size 230. The two outer letters are size 120. I then used my secret weapon (a projector) to project the image onto the wood. I traced the image with pencil and then painted it. I have picture wire screwed into the back of it so I can secure it to the wall.

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