Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wooden Halloween Spoons

Wooden Halloween Spoons
Cost: ~$2.00
Time: 15 Minutes

I bought a four pack of wooden spoons from the Dollar Tree.
Paint two white and one any shade of green. 
Paint little noses on the Frankenstein and Mummy. (Don't forget Frankenstein's scar) And paint a little mouth on the ghost. 
Option: Paint on some blush with diluted pink paint. Blend the paint into the white or green.
I used an old paintbrush dipped in black paint to speckle the spoons (Flick the toothbrush towards the spoons)
Hot glue google eyes on the spoons. I used some-what small google eyes.
When the spoons are dry take some medical gauze, unfold a strip of it (gauze usually has around 4 folds/layers). Make the gauze as thin as you would like.
Mummy: Wrap the gauze around the mummy, securing it with hot glue at the base and behind the mummy's head. Make sure you don't cover up the mummy's eyes.
Ghost: Drape a thin layer of gauze over the ghost's head. I secured the gauze with ribbon tied around the upper-middle of the spoon. 
Frankenstein: I found two very small screws in my husband's screw jar. I hot glued them on Frankenstein and it made him look even cooler! 

These are so easy and quick to make. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do!


  1. Those are clever. My granddaughter and I will be making some this week. Thanks.