Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Clay Pots

Halloween Clay Pots

Materials: Clay Pots
Button (for nose)
Black, Orange, Green, and White Paint
Mod Podge (Optional)
Time: 20 Minutes
Cost: Under $3 for both pots

Pumpkin Clay Pot:
Step 1: Paint the bottom portion of the clay pot orange. I used a muted orange. The paint dries very quickly on clay pots because the pot is very porous. Paint at least two coats of orange on the pot.
Step 2: While orange paint is completely drying, paint the rim of the pot black. Again, the paint dries very quickly, so you're able to paint the 2nd coat immediately.
Step 3: When the orange paint is completely dry, use a pencil to lightly draw the eyes and mouth on the pumpkin. Don't forget to draw a funny tooth sticking out of the mouth.
Step 4: Using white paint, paint the eyes and the tooth. Then use black paint to trace around the eyes, make the eyeballs, and the mouth.
Step 5: Using a toothbrush dipped in white, black and orange (all seperately) flick the paint on the pot. Make sure you get the entire pot with some paint flickers.
Step 6: Using a hot glue gun, glue a button on the pumpkin pot.
Step 7: Optional: Using Mod Podge, coat the clay pot to seal in all the paint. Use Mod Podge if you plan on keeping your pots outside.

Frankenstein Clay Pot:
Follow all the above directions with the exception of painting the pot green instead of orange. Do not forget to paint a scar on Frankenstein's face.

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