Friday, May 31, 2013

Wizard of Oz Party

Working at the Humane Society brings many possibilities and opportunities to throw fun animal themed and "fur-ever" home type fundraisers and parties. This fundraiser party is called There's No Place Like Home. It is a Wizard of Oz themed party with a silent and live auction, Chinese raffle and prizes. We raised over $30,000 for the shelter. I had a lot of fun making Wizard of Oz themed decorations!
I painted a 7 foot x 6 foot picture backdrop on plywood. It took me 30+ hours, but it was totally worth it!! Every party guest got a free picture of them in front of the backdrop. Thank you Walgreens for providing a photographer and for printing out all those pictures!
$2 Thrift Store Shoes I glittered.

Table Centerpieces

Munchkin Land (Our adoptable Cats & Dogs from the Shelter)

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  1. Such fantastic Wizard of Oz Party! I am going to get married at some local Los Angeles wedding venues and was finding a fun theme for bachelorette bash and your party ideas are superb for my bachelor party. So pleased to get party theme inspiration here!