Saturday, August 31, 2013

Garbage Find Re-Do

At this point you may be wondering if trash digging is a favorite pastime of mine, but I assure you I have never gone trash digging. What happens is I see furniture in people's trash while I'm jogging or driving. This desk for example was found while out for a jog in my neighborhood.
This thing is solid wood and it was heavy! I could tell my husband didn't see the potential in the desk, all he saw was the fact that it was put at the curb for trash pick up. I knew exactly what I was going to do to this desk.  I started off by sanding it with my handy dandy electric sander. Then I painted it with three coats of a high hiding white paint. After the paint dried I distressed it with a sanding block. 

Before and After:
I sold the desk on Craigslist for $140! I put about 5 hours of work into the desk, had a great time doing it and made a little but of money!

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