Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pallet Wall Art

I love all the pallet transformations on Pinterest right now. I don't have room for a pallet table or anything big like that so j made some pallet wall art for my house. (I didn't hang all these in my house, I gave some to family and friends).
My wonderful and helpful hubby took a pallet apart and nailed them all together using a slab of wood. Here's what that looks like:
Then I stained the wood using a dark walnut stain:
After staining the wood: (staining is a very messy and sticky job, be sure to wear gloves)
Helpful hint: draw your design on a large piece of cardboard, cut it out and trace it on the pallet wood. 

I drew the seahorse on using a chalk pen (if you mess up you can wipe off)
I used a high hiding white paint. It took two coats. 
Here's a few others I've done: 
Other seahorse:
Teal seahorse I made for a friend:

My tip is to screw in heavy duty picture wire into the back of the board:
You don't have to put a sealant or top coat on because the wood stain has it already built in. Plus it's a pallet, it's used to being in the rain and outside.

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